Wage gap

How many women do you see lining up around the corner to be loggers, oil patch workers, truckers, electrical technicians, industrial mechanics, mechanics in general, miners, deep sea fishermen and other filthy, dangerous, back breaking jobs? Yeah there are some women in these fields, and that’s great, but the GREAT MAJORITY of women don’t actually want these jobs, and don’t pursue these jobs. And don’t even kid yourself into thinking that millions of women would hop in the logging industry the moment all forms of job discrimination went away, they wouldn’t. Compared men, I’ve met very few girls in my life, if any who said "WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE A LOGGER AND SPIT MY BIG WAD OF CHEW ON ALL THE LITTLE WOODLAND CREATURES WHILE I CHOP THEIR HOMES DOWN YEE HAW!" And I’m going to take a safe guess that no one reading this has met huge numbers of girls who feel that way either.

The greatest cause of the wage gap is the unequal distribution of women in high paying, high risk, heavy labor jobs and until women start picking up chainsaws and pipe wrenches and start running out into the bush by the millions, the wage gap will NEVER disappear. (unless of course we start paying women in the public sector more to make up for the lack of women in the trades, but that would only create a new inequality in the public sector.)



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