I know, this is old, but I’d like to re-open some discussion about this:

This is a news report about a video on youtube of 3 girls attacking an 11 year-old boy and holding him down and stripping him naked in public. What I want to talk about are three things:

1) At the beginning of the video you can clearly hear a girl laughing as she says, “Dude, we’re like raping him.” So here we have a girl, thinking it’s funny and confessing to it on camera that she is partaking in a sexual assault.

2) They boy is really screaming and crying and freaking out, and the girls are really having a hard time holding him down, so it’s not like this was all in fun, this was malicious from the get-go. Why then is it called, “A PRANK THAT SOME SAY WENT TO FAR”?! Really, cause if that happened to a girl, that would be sexual assault. Not a prank.

3) WHY IS THE MOM NOT PRESSING CHARGES, AND WHY IS THE PUBLIC OKAY WITH HER NOT PRESSING CHARGES? This woman is fucking stupid and unfit to parent. This is not funny, a prank, a joke, or kids being kids. This is horrible, malicious and humiliating. I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid ends up either killing himself, or having some serious trauma for the rest of his life.

This is rape culture. This is the public tolerating sexual abuse on boys at the hands of girls, this is the public calling sexual assault “a prank”. This is a mother thinking no punishment is necessary for the girls who sexually assaulted her boy.

Well, his mother may not think there should be punishment for these three girls: BUT WE DO. I want to see these girls punished for their actions. I want to see them stand before a court and answer for their behavior. I want to see them re-watch that video and listen to their rape jokes and then try to explain how it was, “just a joke.”

This is unacceptable, no matter who it’s done by or who it’s done to. Society should not tolerate this bullshit.

-Liv and Morgan


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    I agree that this is fucked, but “rape culture”… I do not think it means what you think it means.
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    This is fucking wrong. You can’t be anti rape if you think boys/men can’t be raped or if it’s funny when they do get...
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