Women can’t be sexist because they lack power?

A question for the feminists who insist on this deluded ideology.

Consider the very common situation of a single mother holding custody of her young son. Does she not hold a position of power over him and therefore is capable of sexism if she should happen to possess such bigotry?

Think about it she has the power to decide what, when and how much he eats, drinks, reads, watches television, plays with his friends, plays with toys, and whether or not he’s even allowed to leave the house aside from school.

Not only that but she possesses the near-unlimited power to treat him however she pleases so long as she can intimidate him into not speaking out about it (which is remarkably easy for a parent to do to their child).

Just a thought -Morgan


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    When I was younger, I believed in the stereotypical view held by many in society that feminists are just a bunch of...
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    It seems me to that when debating definitions of words, the highest priority should be placed on usefulness. As in,...
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    Is this what they’re using as “reverse sexism” now days? A single mother making decisions for her child? Uuuuuuuuuuh,...
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    “Also, making decisions for your child is not oppressing the child.” It depends. Listening to the child and figuring out...
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    Surely the insistence that women are not capable of acting on their prejudices is sexist? Power has nothing to do with...
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    In no way did I ever question the possibility that the father could be sexist nor did I say that the power the mother...
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    of hypothetical sexism. Like Concealed Weapon said, in no way does...woman, unless you...
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    Oh noooo Hunny, if you want to say that women could not vote until all men could you are dead wrong and need to go look...
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    Who is the dumbass, perpetual victim saying women have never been in power? Why does everyone want so hard to be a...
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    I edited my last post to include the general point I was getting at, but I’ll address these points too. Sure, women have...
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